Tuesday, February 28, 2012

6 month check in

Our little guy is 6 months! We just got back from his check up and here are his stats:

19 lbs 13 oz
28 1/4 inches

I cannot believe it has been 6 quick months. I have enjoyed every little second of being a new mommy. Here is a little list about Connor:

* LOVES food :O) He is still nursing and eats 3 times a day. So far I haven't found a food he doesn't like, prunes included.
* He sits up like a champ!
*Still hasn't rolled over yet, but enjoys tummy time.
*Sleeps 12-13 hours every night. He started sleeping through the night @ 3months. It took about a month after that to get it totally down.
*He started rubbing his little fuzzy head while nursing. I love it :O)
*Loves to bite/chew/suck on his toes
*He is a total boy... enjoys watching sports with Dad and Grandpa Jeff, flying remote controlled helicopters with Dad, and did I mention he LOVES food!
*Sips through a straw
* Has 4 teeth poking through. His first teeth came in about 3 weeks ago. And he didn't do it like all other babies... he got his FANGS first.
* Teeth # 5 and 6 are not far behind (I found out last weekend that Zack had 8 teeth by 8 months) he is following in daddy's footsteps
* He has a crooked little head!! His doctor was afraid his sutures were fusing too soon so we had a CT scan done about 2 weeks ago. Everything looked great.... now we just are focusing on fixing that crooked noggin.
* He loves when we sing to him and dance with him.He gets a kick out of it.
* Has outgrown his infant carrier and is moving to a convertible car seat.

How does it happen.... they just get so big so fast. We sure do love him though.

(The cute little pic of Connor was taken by ever so talented SIL Sammy :O) Thanks Sam!)


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