Sunday, March 15, 2009

O Suga!!!!

So I have really been slacking when it comes to blogging!! We have had a fun, busy, last few weeks. The last weekend in February we went to Cedar and stayed with Landon and Sam. We went boarding for the first and last time for the season :O( We are both super bummed that we haven't been able to go more. Especially me because I finally learned how to actually board, and not just plow down the hill :O)

The weekend after that my Parents and Landon and Sam came down for the weekend to visit. It was so much fun to have them here. I always love having family around. My parents are just so wonderful!! They always make everything so much fun. We had given my parents a gift certificate to the BEST sushi place for Christmas- so they came down to use it up. We ate SO much sushi... but boy was it delish!!!

Other than that it has just been work for us! I am still super busy and overloaded with my new position. It is a challenge, but I love a challenge. :O)

Other than that I have been busy baking. I have always loved to bake... and I have been trying a lot of new things. One thing that I have made a lot of (too much if you ask my hubby) are Oreo Truffles. They are so dang good, and so so so easy to make. They are so addicting... here are some pics of them

I have always wanted to be able to decorate cakes... my mom always would make me the cutest cake for my birthday. It was ALWAYS a double decker heart shaped cake with the most amazing lemon flavored icing!!! ( just talking about it makes me want some) My mom was so great at decorating. And I always thought it looked like so much fun. So I decided to try it out. This was my first double cake ever. It was a little lopsided, that's why the icing is how it is. But it was so YUMMY!!! I am planning on making my friend's daughter's birthday cake in a few weeks, so I will need to do a little more practicing!

And my all time favorite to bake is sugar cookies. This year I went to my friend Loke's house and made cookies with her and her adorable little girl McKayla (she is going to be the birthday girl) After a whole day of baking cookies and miniature cheesecakes, making Oreo truffles and then decorating the cookies we were all tuckered out. But it was so yummy, and so much fun.

The Countdown is ON