Saturday, January 2, 2010

Since it is oficially 2010 I thought i would sum up the last 3 months of 2009 with a few pics. Starting with December and ending with October.

All I wanted for Christmas was a White Christmas... well I got it and I was so happy. It was freezing cold, but it just felt like Christmas.

Christmas breakfast... PULLAPARTS. My most favorite Christmas Tradition. It makes me smile just thinking about them.... yummy

This cute girl was so much fun!!! I loved being there for her first Christmas.

The whole Hallows Clan at Grandma and Grandpa Hallows'.

A few weeks before Christmas Landon and Sammy came down to visit. We took them to the Christmas display at the Belagio, along with Drew and Loke and their cute kiddos.

At the Belagio... loved having these two, plus summer, at our house! They are always so much fun to be with.

Us with the Phillips Fam

Us at the best Christmas Party EVER!!! Merry Christmas....

This is the first weekend in November. Landon and Sammy had Summer's baby blessing in Aurora. The whole family got together. I think it was the first time since our wedding we were ALL together. Good times.

All of the Grandkids... they are a cute little crew!

Happy Halloween! We had our first annual Family Christmas Party. We all dressed up, ate some good food, played some fun games and then later we went on a Denny's run with some of the cousins.

The whole fam, minus Rhett and Shauna's girls. We had lots of fun getting dressed up, or down in my dad's case, for our party.
Well, thats about it for the last part of 2009! It has been a great year for us. We hope that you all have a wonderful new year!!!

The Countdown is ON