Thursday, September 17, 2009

1/4 of a century

To my wonderful hubby….

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yes it is true today is my wonderful Hubby’s Birthday… he is officially one quarter of a century old! :O) Wow, where did time go… I swear yesterday we were just 18 and high school sweethearts! Even though he will never read this, I just want to tell him he is the bestest in the westest! He is so good to me, such a hard worker, and makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am pretty sure I tell him he is crazy at least 25 times a day…. Cuz he is cRaZy!! And I love him for that! I hope you have a wonderful Birthday babe… you deserve it!


Taylor family said...

You guys are so cute. Man do I feel OLD!!!

LaNe aNd aMaNda said...

Happy Birthday Zack!

*dReW's HoNeY* said...

Thank you Zack for having a birthday! I fully enjoyed your triple layered double chocolate cake! If it weren't for your birthday, I would not have endured 5,000 calories! You guys are awesome!

Brandon, McKell & Ryker said...

He is still a baby even though he is only 1 year younger than I am is still sounds younger than 26!

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