Saturday, January 24, 2009

The rantings of a sick woman....... BEWARE

Well its 4 in the am and I am wide awake. Trust me I would rather be sleeping, and I have tried to sleep since about 11 last night. But I have this Stupid canker and a horrible sinus infection that has kept me up for the past 3 nights. I am totally beside myself! I have such a wonderful husband who puts up with my in-the-night frantics! I'm constantly up and down. Drinking water, getting a throat lozenge, applying lip stuff, blowing my nose......... you get the point! And the worst part is that I totally drugged myself up before going to bed hoping it might help just a little. But no, Nyquil can't even keep me out! Seriously! Two hours later and I'm wide awake. We got a humidifier last night hoping it would help my sinus infection, and it actually has. But I still can't sleep because of the canker. I never knew anything to be such a nuisance! And I'm starting to go a little cRaZy!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just One of Those Days

Have you ever had a day where you thought... why did I even get up. Well my day was just like that! To start off I have had this HUGE canker on my lip for the past week. And even though I have been optimistic that it would eventually go away, I'm starting to think it is going to be a very ugly permanent fixture. I have never had a canker like this before. It is seriously the size of a pencil eraser. And it is in a horrible spot- right on the inside of my lip so whenever I open my mouth it pulls on it :O( Needless to say the last few nights have been uncomfortable. Then at work this morning I started to get a fever. I didn't have any flu symptoms and couldn't figure it out. So I got on webMD and looked up cankers, and yup, they can cause fevers!!! Who would have thunk it! So I battled a fever all day, and the stupid canker. But I thought since I wasn't really sick I would still go to the gym. I met Zack at the gym after work. Well I wasn't feeling great so I went to leave about 10 min before him. I got to the car and it wouldn't start. WHY!?!?!? So i just sat there waiting for him to come out. He came, we pulled the truck close to jump it and, well, when you start the truck it locks automatically- That's right we locked the keys in the truck WHILE it was running. So we thought no biggie. We'll jump the car, go back home, get the spare and unlock it. Well, the car WOULDN'T START!!!! Seriously? So we had to call a friend to go to our house, get the key and meet us at the gym. Good news, we unlocked the truck. Bad news, the car is still at the gym all broken down. And the other bad part is that we need both vehicles! So I don't really have a ride to work. Its a good thing we have great friends here in Vegas that are always willing to help us out. Its 8:13 and I'm calling it a night. If I sleep nothing else can go wrong, right?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Well, since Christmas is long past I thought I would put up some pics. I'm really slacking :o) But here are just a few pics of our fun holiday season

My cousins Tristan, Travis and Brendon- they bunkered at our house on their way to Oregon to move my cousin Mistie home

Melissa, she was part of the movin crew as well. Thanks for staying :o)

Zack well, he was trying to get the mattress blown up. But was very distracted by the fighting on the TV

Zack and Zeb in their new jackets.... kinda weird and creeeeepy that they zip all the way up

No really its totally creepy that you can't see their face

Mom playin a little Guitar Hero... she did very well. And the rest of the fam loungin in the basement

Tana, Nathan and Zack... patiently waiting for their turn with the guitar

Aaahhh the fight that my very sick husband had to make it to.... don't worry we made it. Super sick and all. We did have fun though.

We couldn't seem to get a good picture :o( He was sick and really didn't want to take a pic at all. And I had a huge cold sore... go figure!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lovin Life!!!

I am just sittin here while my wonderful hubby is watching a football game... and all I can think is I'M LOVIN LIFE! Things are a little crazy for us, my new position at work, Zack just got a new job at work too (he is now a blade hand, and the grade forman) but things are great for us! We are so grateful for the jobs that we have. So many people are being laid off, and we are lucky enough to have good jobs. Mine job is fairly stable. However Zack's is a little iffy at times- being construction and all, but we don't have any worries.

O and it being January 8 and all I want to wish my big bro Rhett a


He is in North Carolina going to Duke to finish up his schooling. He, along with his family, have been gone since July and wont be back to Utah until this spring/summer. I sure do miss them all. Hope you have a good day bud!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Top 8 in 08

Well, the new year has begun and I have yet to set any personal goals. I will, don't worry, its just been a crazy last month. Zack has been sick pretty much since the second week of December. He went from a cold to the flu and now back to a cold. And this last one has about done him in. He didn't leave our home for 3 days... poor guy! And on top of that I have been super busy!!! I am enjoying my new position at work. I am so busy that 5 o'clock comes and I swear it should only be 2ish!! I guess its good though.

New years was so much fun for us. My brother Landon and his cute wife Sam came to spend the holiday with us. We has so much fun with them and some other of our friends. We all just stayed at our house- played a little guitar hero, a few games and snacked the night away! It was so much fun having Landon and Sam stay with us. Now its our turn to go stay with them....woohoo :o)

Here is my Top 8 of 08 list..... such a great year

8. Being the "Hotel de Mayo's"... We love having visitors!!! You should all come stay sometime :o)
7. Became the the Nursery Leaders... we sure do love those little squirts!
6. Got hired on at an amazing law firm (close to home:o) great people:O)
5. Met some wonderful people in our ward... Our own little extended family here in Vegas.
4. Painted, and repainted our home!! We love it, o ya and got the couch we wanted to go with it.
3. Went on an amazing honeymoon to Cancun. I love the sun :o)
2. Moved home for 3 months before the wedding... I got to spend lots of quality time with my parents. LOVE YOU!!
1. Married the most wonderful man in the world... June 28, 2008! I am so happy that I have him in my life. Where would I be and what would I be doing without him? Love you Zack

The Countdown is ON