Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tagged... Who I Am

It's who I am ....

I am... just starting my eternal life with my best friend.
I Want.... to finish the basement… couch, paint, decorations, the whole works
I Have.... The most amazing husband ever.
I Wish..... that owning a home right now wasn’t so dang scary.
I Hate... spiders!!!!!!!!!!!
I Fear... That some day there will be some major earth shift and I wont be able to get to my family in Utah and I will be stuck in Vegas.
I Hear.... A beautiful song playing on my computer, the fan running, and people driving by.
I Search... for things I have that I can share with others.
I Always... get up and make Zack breakfast and get his lunch ready. He is such a hard worker it’s the least I can do.
I Usually... fall back to sleep after he is gone. :o)
I Am Not... used to 100 degree weather in September/October. I miss Utah in the fall.
I Dance... Whenever I get the chance. I love to dance!
I Sing... a little bit, but not as much as my hubby. He is a singing maniac
I Never... want to know what its like to lose a loved one. I want them around forever.
I Rarely... go a day without speaking to my best friend, my mom. (best friend besides Zack of course)
I Cry... In movies, church, thinking of the holidays not in Utah, at sad stories on TV. I cry way too much. But I can’t help it- its just who I am.
I am Not Always... on the ball… keeping up with life can be difficult.
I Lose... Nothing. Exercise or no exercise!! HOW FRUSTRATING
I'm Confused... With the economy, government, and how the “greatest nation” has got into such a mess!!! Anybody??
I Need... More hours in the day
I Should... Go change the laundry- it’s a never-ending process.
I Dream... wierd crazy dreams EVERY NIGHT!! And I remember every single one. I should write a book about all my crazy dreams. I'm sure you would all get a good laugh.

I tag Amanda, Mistie, Shauna, Crissie and Trish

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zack's Birthday and Birthday Party

Wednesday was my wonderful Hubby's 24th Birthday. I was so excited to go ALL OUT!!! He is such an amazing husband and I love him so much. And I wanted him to have a birthday he would never forget. I left his presents out in the garage so right when he got home he would see them. I got him a tool box for his new work bench that he built in the garage.

This is the work bench he worked so hard on. And of course the tool box that he LOVES
This is what our house looked like on the inside. I got home about 30 min before him and I was on a dead run trying to get everything done. I was blowing up balloons so fast that when I was tying them I gouged the skin off my finger. I hung up banners everywhere and I printed up a bunch of little happy birthday's on the computer and put them EVERYWHERE... he got a kick out of it.
He wanted German Chocolate Cake for his birthday, but he wanted it for his birthday party on Saturday. So I decided to hurry and whip up some cupcakes so he could blow out his candle and make a wish.
This was the PaRtY!!! We had some friends of ours come over for a BBQ and some guitar hero - Shawn and his wife Stephanie on the left and Drew and Lokae on the right.

My baby ROKIN out. We had so much fun... in fact we almost passed off a whole level. Don't worry, we wont let the stardom go to our heads.... lol

Our friends Max and Faith.... she was loving the G.H.

Our friends Drew and Lokae's little girl McKayla... she was most of the entertainment :o)

Friday, September 12, 2008


The "I DECLARE" This is an eclair. Just one!!!! When we went shopping on Wednesday we ate at the Claim Jumper and this was dessert. There is ice cream on the bottom, then the eclair that is filled with Bavarian cream, hot fudge on top and surrounded with whip cream. And don't worry there are only a few calories :o) It fed all 4 of us, the boys even had seconds. Thanks Nathan and Tana it was a blast! This last week has been really fun for us.... Nathan and Tana came down for the Kids Expo and were here for almost a week. It was great to have them down here... I was really starting to miss my family and having them around was good for me. We ended up spending quite a but of time with them. We helped them set up on Saturday-Went to The Cheesecake Factory Monday- The Temple on Tuesday- We went bumming with them at Town Square (the best shopping place EVER) and them helped them load up on Thursday. We had a lot of fun with them- we wish we could see them more, and the kids too. But what little time we were able to be together was fun. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family. I miss them all SO SO SO SO SO much. Love you all

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

To Paint or Not to Paint

So here is my dilemma- We just got through painting as you can see… However I think I want to paint a different color already!! Not the whole thing just maybe an accent wall, or two!! Zack is so not excited! In fact I am pretty sure that if I do decide to go through with this I will be on my own.

This is why I want to paint a new color already- The original plan was that we were going to do the walls very neutral because we were wanted a RED sectional. We didn’t want to have too much going on because a red sectional was going to be enough color for our fairly small living room. The other dominant color is black, which can be very heavy so we wanted to keep the walls neutral. Well, we cannot find a red sectional that will fit in our living room, and that is in our price range. We have looked high and low and we have found a few but there is always one thing wrong- the color, the price, the size….YIKES and the list goes on and on. So I decided that maybe we should get a sectional that is a neutral color and add the red in as an accent color. I don’t want a beige couch with beige walls- HOW BORING!!! So I thought I would add some color on the walls. I was thinking a really bold and fun color- but Zack isn’t having it. We are going to pain the kitchen red so I don’t want the living room to be red as well. I was thinking a dark grey/blue color but Zack said “No, please” So this is my dilemma….. Decorating with a man is hard to do.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Paint Project!!!

So Labor Day weekend Zack and I finally got our basement painted. He said his final goodbye to his bachelor pad as we painted over the "sunburst" walls. We were both so excited and ready for this change. We have big plans for the house and this is just phase #1. We only painted the basement- upstairs is phase #2 the kitchen walls and cupboards are phase #3 and getting it all furnished is phase #4. We are starting out with the cheapest projects- the paint. We had such a fun, and long, weekend painting but it has been so worth it. We finally have the beginnings of a home!!

The "sunburst" wall. It was fun to play "find the ......." the paint was so crazy it was like looking at the big fluffly clouds and making objects out of the shapes.

This was such a pain... we had to prime it and then paint it. It was quite the project.
Our first strokes of the color. This is what we called "the cave" it is a little doorway that leads to the garage.
ALL TUCKERED OUT!!! Zack did the hardest part of it all... the small bathroom. He was laying down trying to get around all the pipes and what not behind the toilet.

The finished project.... This was the very first thing we hung back up. Yay
The entry way to our house
The living room. As you can see there are still remnants of a bachelor pad, but it looks a million times better not having the crazy walls. We are looking very hard to find the perfect furniture to go in our new house... that in itself is a huge project.

This is our little bathroom.... the mirror is our favorite. Zack's really good friend Jordan made this mirror for us for our wedding gift. It is such a beautiful mirror. And it went perfect in this little bathroom.

The Countdown is ON