Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wedding Day this&that

Here are some fun things that happened the day of the wedding, and just some really cute pictures. We had so much fun taking pictures and doing different things. And our photographer was so good to do whatever we wanted. And thanks to my fun family we got some GREAT shots

For those of you who know Zack and I really well this is where it all started... in his 72!! The first time we ever "hung out" was in the 72. I was on a mission to find some cereal and he said he had the kind i wanted. So I went with him. We ended up riding around for HOURS that night. That was the summer before our senior year.

Zack's Family- Cheltz, Don, Stanley, Lacey, Tori & Zack, Zeb

My family- Sammy & Landon, Mom & Dad, the little guys Austin & Jackson, Tori & Zack, Rhett & Shauna, their girls Alex & Kiara, Nathan & Tana, their girls Kaitlyn & Lindsay

My Brothers- Landon Rhett and Nathan... And my hubby :o) Aren't they just so cute. We laughed a lot that day. It was all just so much fun. I know some girls say they wish they would have just skipped the whole reception but I would do it again!! It was amazing how many people were there to help and because of them we had the most amazing day.

They just wanted to prove how strong they are.... MEN!!!! And just so you know Nathan is 6'5" So i'm up in the air 7+ feet. They are just Crazy!!! But I love them

My oldest niece Alex caught the bouquet... she is only 15 so lets hope she's not the next to get married...

He is a very happy man right now!!!!!
He was nice enough to only get a little tiny bit on my nose... and then he was even sucked it off!!! What a good man :o)
We decided that we wanted to have fun with the little kids on the tramp!!! He bounced me SO HIGH!!! I was the flying bride. Our first dance
Zack and his mom dancing and me and my dad. I love this picture of Zack and his mom... I think that it is pricelessMe and my daddy... It was such an emotional moment for me. It was really only the second time I cried that whole day. My dad is such an amazing man and I am so lucky to have him. We danced to Butterfly Kisses... and my dad sang to me. I am his baby and his princess.... and I really felt like it that day. This is how my day ended.... holding on to my daddy and crying. Along with the rest of the day- I will never forget this moment. Love you Daddy

Our Reception

We had the best buffet EVER at our reception, once again thanks to my mom!! And a friend of mine named Petrice.. she is a caterer and did an amazing job. Well we didn't really get to eat much but it looked amazing!!!!
Zack and I were in love with the little sandwiches. They were to die for!!!!!!!!! YUMMY

The Harpist.... It made the night have such an amazing feel.
Our "Thank You" table... instead of making individual thank yous to hand out we had a table of candy and little bags and the people got to make their own thank you baggie!! The kids LOVED it

This is my treuseau... my mom has been doing this since i was 12. In our family when we turn 12 our Grandpa Kendall makes us a cedar chest. And from then on we get things to put in it. And my mom did an amazing job. My dad was so excited for me to get married so he could get rid of all the stuff.....
Our Centerpiece

So here are some pics of the reception stuff. I felt so bad because I didn't really get to see everything that my mom and I spent so much time planning. So it was fun to see the pics of all our work. Planning was so much fun.... especially with my mom. For those of you who know her you would agree that she is a planner!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

At the Temple

So here are some pictures from our wedding day.... finally. We had so much fun that day. It was the most amazing day EVER!!!! Thanks to everyone who made it possible!! I loved getting my pictures back. It was like I got to relive the whole day over again. I loved it :o)

Sunday Best

So the funniest thing happened yesterday..... Zack and I went to church, and it was as it usually is- sounds more like a jungle gym rather than a church meeting. We had just sat down for Sunday school when the counselor came in and asked if he could talk to us for a min. So we left with him and he took us into the bishops office and asked if we would like a calling- the Sunbeams 5As- which translates to 3 & 4 year olds but something we could handle because we would be teaching together!! We were super pumped, and a little nervous I started talking to a lady in Relief Society and she was asking where we lived. I told her and then she said " Are you sure your in this ward? I have relatives that live in that community and they go to a different ward!!" So after relief society I asked someone else and they said " Ya you should be going to the Paradise Ward" So off I headed to find my husband and tell him that the ward we have been going to for the past 3 weeks is actually the wrong ward. I found him, then we headed to the bishops office. When we got there the counselor that gave us the calling just 2 hours before came up to us and said, " So I hear you really aren't in this ward" How funny is that!!! It was the Stake Pres that told us which ward to go to! Anyway, so now we have to start all over again- being the new couple in the ward, getting to know people, getting a calling (which Zack really hopes that we get the same calling so we can do it together. Which I totally wouldn't mind either... He would make the most awesome teaching partner.) So just a funny little sunday story. We laughed about it all day yesterday :o)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Here are some of my bridal pictures. They were taken at the Gardens at Thanksgiving point. It is such a beautiful place. If you haven't ever been there I would advise you to go. We took pictures for 4 hours!! I'm still waiting on my photographer to get the wedding day pictures back. So all I have for now are the bridals... anyway I have a lot more of them on my facebook page. Enjoy and hopefully soon I will get some pictures on here of our wedding.... since it has almost been a month!!!!! CrAzY! but loving every second of it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

What a Weekend!!

Zack and I just had an AMAZING weekend... Thanks to my parents!!! My parents came down to visit us. We had so much fun with them and it was so good to see them! Here is how our weekend went-

FRIDAY- Zack worked, I cleaned and then my parents got here with a load of stuff from the wedding!!! We unloaded the car and then got ready to go to the temple!! The temple was absolutely beautiful. It was such a great experience, and so much fun because that was my parents first time in the Vegas Temple. Then we went back to their hotel ( The Flamingo) changed our clothes and went to get something to eat. It was way past out bedtime, so we were super tired.

SATURDAY- We met up with my parents at noonish and went to the Rio for lunch. They have the BIGGEST buffet I have EVER seen. It was pretty good, and lots of fun to be with my parents. After eating prime rib, shrimp, mexican food, chinease food and some really good fruit we decided to head back to my parents hotel and change into our suits and head to the pool. It was so much fun. We got in the pool, caught some sun and had some really good margeritas( virgin of course) and then spent some more time in the pool. I was trying not to get my hair wet cuz I didn't want to wash it, but I just couldn't resist trying to dunk my hubby!! And I was successful- a couple of times. Then we went to the outlets and then to in-n-out for some delicious burgers!!!

SUNDAY- We went to the pool early in the morning. It was a little overcast when we got there so when the sun came out we got in the pool. Zack wasn't going to get in but when I splashed him he had no choice. Well, he jumped in after me and (not realizing it was only 3.5 feet deep) he smacked his foot on the bottom. Needless to say he hurt his foot REALLY BAD. I am hoping that he just bruised it. But I have a feeling he fractured it or something. He hasn't been able to walk on it since. :o( So that cut our swimming short so we headed back home and we all went to church. After church we went to the best sushi place ever!! We gorged on sushi till we were about to pop!!! It was so nummy. Then after that my parents headed back to good ol Aurora.

It was so good to see my parents. I was really starting to miss them. They were so much fun all weekend too. Thanks mom and dad.
(Sorry no pics we all forgot our cameras!! I really need to get better at not forgeting.)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Let the search begin

So I have been trying to find a job here in good ol' Sin City. And unless you want to be a bar-tender, a stripper or cleaning hotel rooms- a decent job is hard to find. I will keep my head up though, as this is just day 1 of the search. So if any of you know of any good jobs in LV let me know.

O and just so you all know Zack and I are doing great. Our first week on our home has been amazing. We have been to church the last 2 weeks and it has been interesting. We are in a VERY young ward. And when I say young the average age is probably, o I don't know, 7!!!!!! Lol :o) It will be fun though. There are so many kids. We feel totally out of place- we would need 2 kids and another on the way to fit in!! We do like the ward and everyone has been so nice to us. Zack has a feeling he is going to get a scouts calling and I think he would do GREAT!!! We went to the Las Vegas Temple on Saturday and it was AMAZING!! We can't wait to go again. We have been having a fun time doing all of our "firsts" together. Our First-
*Night in our house
*Home-cooked meal
*Temple Visit
*Rearranging of the house
*Movie night
*Swim in our little Pool
*Lay in bed and talk about absolutely nothing till we fall asleep
*Visitors ( thanks to Cheltz and Penny & Aaron)
And all of our firsts so far have been amazing. We are so blessed and so grateful for all that we have and the very special people in our lives that support us.

This is our first home cooked meal in our new home- We both do equal amounts of cooking- we both love to cook. Zack is amazing at the BBQ. He always has everything grilled to perfection. Love ya Hon

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Big H

We have been back from our Honeymoon for a week now, and I have been slacking. So I figured today would be a good day to post. Our wedding day was the most perfect day ever!!! I don't understand how any girl could be a bridezilla. There was not one thing that went wrong (well that we know of) I know that is because of our parents, We just want to say thanks to them. There is no way we could have had such a great day without them. (I will post pics of the wedding when I get them from the photographer)
We spent our first night in Richfield and it was such a great idea. We didn't have to drive for hours after our long day! Sunday morning we went back to my parent's house for brunch. We had pull-a-parts and leftovers from the wedding. We had all our family there to be with us. We also opened our gifts and that was a lot of fun too.
Then it was off too our new home for the night! We got up really early on Monday- off to Cancun. Zack did such a good job planning the honeymoon. It was AMAZING. It was really hot and humid there, but it was so much fun. We didn't get there till really late on Monday so we just looked around at our resort and went down to the beach. IT WAS AWESOME.

Our first night in CanCun

The next day we just stayed at our resort for the day and played in the pool and took advantage of the great sun! We went down to the beach and then went up to the pool after a while. We didn't really do anything that day. Later that night we took a taxi to a sister resort and had dinner and played a little "put put"

Our day at the beach

Hole in 4?

Our next day was our first big touring day. We went to Chichen Itza- is is one of th most importnat Mayan Ruin sites in Mexico. It is a huge area of ancient building that the ancient people built. The Larg "pyramid" looking structure was so amazing. Its name was Kukulcan's Pyramid or El Castillo meaning "the castle" El Castillo was actually a huge solar calendar. If you did the math, you would find that the 91 steps on each side, times 4 for each side and each season, plus 1 for the crowning platform adds up to 365 -- one step for each day of the solar year. During the equinoxes, the shadow pattern of the pyramid's steps seems to show a serpent climbing up the steps in March, and down the steps in September. Everything there was just really amazing. Its crazy to think ow long its been there and how accurate they were. Who needs computers!?!?! The only bad thing about this day was that it was SO HOT AND HUMID!!! We were both so miserable. It was 105 degrees and probably abone 90% humidity. We were both just wanting to die!

El Castillo

El Castillo - There were thunder clouds in the sky.... We wished it would have just rained a little

Some crazy looking building- we didn't really know what it was it just looked cool

Help HELP!!! The crazy serpant is going to eat my husband!! lol

It was time to go back-- we were drenched in sweat, hot, miserable, hungry and tired. Being a tourist is hard work :o)

The next day was a lot more fun. We took a boat to an island that it north of Cancun- Isla Mujeres "Island of the women" We had A TON OF FUN. The boat ride there was fun and so beautiful. We were so amazed at how beautiful the water is. It is the most beautiful blue color and you could see all the way down. When we got to the island we took another little boat tour that took us around the island. The funnest part was at the north end of the island the boat stopped and we got to jump out and play in the water. It was about 5 feet deep and crystal clear. It was amazing. After that we went to the "shopping district" or as we would say the GHETTO!!!! There were all the little tourist shops and just lots and shady people and things to buy. So Instead of spending money on crap we did something we wanted to do while on vacation- We took a ride on a Vespa- beep beep :o) It was so much fun. We just rode around for an hour. We had a blast. After that our day was pretty much over. We headed back to Cancun and had an amazing night at our resort.

Our first boat trip to Isla Mujeres. It was such a beautiful day

When we got off the dock there was this huge cage built in the ocean. These 2 guys had this 6' Nerf Shark that we got in the water with. It was awesome. We got to hod it and touch it-- and surprisingly it was really rough like sandpaper. It was awesome though! Don't worry it doesn't bite :o)

We made a stop where they have all the dolphins that you could swim with. We didn't swim with them because we had heard from his aunt that if you want to swim with dolphins we should go to Cozumel. So we skipped the dolphins and just relaxed in paradise.

When we got on the dock at the "shopping district" there was this ship docked. It is the Black Pearl!! Zack loves Pirates of the Carribean so we couldn't miss out on getting a picture with the BLACK PEARL!!

We LOVED riding around on our little vespa motorcycle. It was such a good way to end our day. We just rode around for an hour. There were a couple of times we got a little scared. We took this little road (and when i say little i mean little!! The roads there seem about half the width of a 2 lane road here!) out along the coast and it took us into a little town. It was a little scary we decided really fast that it was time to turn around and head back!! BeepBeep :o)

Our last day in Cancun we went snorkeling. And being the blonde that I can be sometimes I forgot to buy a water-camera so I didn't get any pics of what we saw :o( But we had an awesome time. We got on a catamaran and headed out to the ocean. We took a short little cruise and then stopped at the reef. We had such a blast. There were so many little fish surrounding us. At one point I got a little scared because they were surrounding me!! It was such a crazy feeling. After we snorkeled we just relaxed on the most beautiful beach!! The sand was so white and so fine. The water was two brillinat colors of blue and the air smelt of salt. We just relaxed on the beach for the rest of the day. What a way to end a beautiful week in Cancun

On the Catamaran to go snorkeling

Just chillin- this beach was the best out of all that we went to.

I love this picture because it shows how great the water is.

While we were eating these two came up to us and asked if we were honeymooners. They put these HUGE sombraros on us and then sang us a love song-- Aawwhhh how sweet


The Countdown is ON