Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just a little bit of pain

Hey ya'll just wanted to let you know I went through with it, and I will say this- The ankles hurt more than ANYTHING else :o) Honeymoon here I come :o):o):o) Just 1 more full day.... and then I will be, Mrs May. Woohoo

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aww Gee

Well I'm sitting here trying to upload some pictures and it is taking foreer so I thought I would write a little "suntin suntin"!! I have had the most amazing week. Zack and I went to the temple on Saturday and had the most amazing day. We had a little set back and I thought we were going to miss it. If you want to hear about it you will have to call me cuz I think my mom would kill me if I put it on my blog :o) But it turned out to be the MOST AMAZING DAY. And the rest of the weekend was just great. We spent a lot of time with Zack's family because I always get to be around my parents... and we had so much fun. And this week has been slow/fast. I know it sounds crazy but thats really how it feels. Tomorrow I am going to get waxed... woohoo!!!!! Girls I would recommend it in a heart beat. It is just a little painful but worth EVERY SECOND. Then we are just going to do a little bummin. One last girl trip :o) Whenever I say "the last" of something my mom's water works start. Bless her heart!! I know she is very happy for us, just sad to see me go. And then Friday is just a prep day. We don't really have much to do because my mom is so organized. Everything is in totes and ready to go. All we have to do is just take it to mu aunt and uncles on Friday, set the tables up friday evening, and then we are set. Zack and I are so excited. We have been waiting for so long and now its finally here. Thank you to everyone that has helped, and will help. We are so grateful for our wonderful family and friends and all their support. We love you all :o)

Monday, June 16, 2008


Here I go, a little update on whats going on. The wedding plans are all done!!! Just a little organizing and we will be good to go. AND WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! Zack and I will get to see each other this weekend.... It will be a month since we have been together!!!! But with our crazy schedules and outrageous gas prices we really have had no choice. Two Saturdays ago my niece Kaitlyn Ginny was baptized!! We are so proud of her. And this last weekend my second brother Rhett graduated from med school. Now he is getting ready to send his oldest daughter Alex to Europe for 3 weeks to play soccer.... SHE IS AWESOME!!! And the day after she gets back they are off to North Carolina for a year for him to do his fellowship @ Duke University. I am so proud of him and all he has accomplished. I think he has been in school for 14 years now..... HOLY COW! Congrats Rhett.. Love ya. I have also started packing to send my stuff with Zack this weekend. I have given myself the bare necessities for the next two weeks. Because not only have I packed to go to my new home- but I also packed for Cancun!! Two weeks from right now we will be there, and we are so ready for an amazing honeymoon. And that is about it for now. However I do just have to say that I have the MOST AMAZING PARENTS EVER!! My mom is starting to get really emotional on me. Zack keeps teasing me that she isn't going to let us go on our wedding night- she wont want to say goodbye. But i know she will. She is so happy for us. And I have her and my wonderful daddy to thank for never giving up on me when they had every reason to. They are so amazing to me and to the rest of our family. I love them so much! So that's about it for now, just a little of this&that. :o)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Our wedding is coming up so fast, and everything is coming together just perfectly. Yesterday I had my interview with the Stake President, and I officially have my temple recommend. I can't believe it. It seems like it has taken me forever to get to this point in my life, but I wouldn't trade one day of it for anything. At this time in my life I have an amazing fiance that is a priesthood holder, and who loves me so much. We are so excited to be able to be sealed to each other forever. He is so amazing and I am so lucky to be marrying my best friend. He has done so much for me and our relationship. In 15 days we will both be going through the temple so receive our endowments. And then in 22 days we will be sealed to each other. I can't wait to start my life with my best friend. Because I know it is totally going to ROCK!!!

The Countdown is ON